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Plastic Waste Management


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The Technology

All-in-one solution for plastic waste

  • Highly efficient and profitable
  • Containerized and easily scalable
  • Meets highest environmental standards
  1. We can recycle up to 5 Tons of Plastic per day. 
  2. The prototype of the product is being run in Germany for nearly 2 Years and all the required Environmental Certifications are available from the German Environmental Authorities.
  3. The method being followed is Pyrolysis and thermal cracking is the mode of operation. 
  4. The following products are being obtained during the process; 
  • 84% Synthetic Oil
  • 3% Carbon Black
  • 13% Other Gas

Working of the Wastx Plant and quantum of power generated.

Out of 1 Kilo of plastic we generate a fuel with a potential of 11kW.

This fuel can be used within a generator to generate 3.5kwh electric energy, the rest is lost due to heat loss.

Thus out of 1 ton of plastic we can generate 3500kwh.

 So for 5 tons the plant can generate 17500 Kw.

  • Can be used for Generators which in the long run shall be self sufficient for the plant to run standalone.


 1kwh for 1KG of plastic. The gas generated is sufficient to cover the plants energy needs. 

  • For temporary period we would be required to generate power for running the plant with a Generator. . 
  • Can be used as the raw materials for manufacturing plastic products. 
  • This gas can be used in an optional gas generator, which would cover the plants energy needs. 

Plastic Waste Leakages lead to Microplastics

  • Ultraviolet radiation subverts plastic in the oceans to microplastic(<5 mm)

  •  Marine organisms confuse it with plankton and die from suffocation or starvation


  • Waste pickers only pick valuable plastic, leakages originate from valueless waste


  • Due to the food chain, microplastic poses severe health risks to mankind

Do you have a lot of plastic waste?