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Reverse Osmosis


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We offer reverse osmosis plants to meet the industrial and domestic requirements. We strictly design all its systems as per the guidelines of the membrane manufactures by utilizing the latest generation spiral wound thin-film composite polyamide membranes. These membranes have extremely high resistance to fouling, and thereby we could offer the best energy savings RO plants to our customers globally.

The reverse osmosis units are designed in a compact skid with easy access to the monitoring of checkpoints and sample valves. These features come from extensive field experience of us in operating and maintaining the plants spread over entire South India. The standard systems are offered with the manual option and field instrument to monitor the performance and necessary safety interlocks to protect the membranes.

Automation packages are user-friendly and flexible concerning data access and data logging. Adequate security features with supervisory control & access codes are also furnished.

We offer industrial models to meet the brackish water treatment requirements of industries. The industrial units are constructed based on process expertise and field experience & which in return turned to be the leading membrane manufacturers like Hydranautics, filmed, Dow, etc.

The reverse osmosis block is built up as a compact and powder coated/Stainless steel skids with pumps, aesthetic piping instruments that suit it. 

And a completely pre-wired control panel and an electrical switch gear panel. The basic versions can easily be upgraded to a high level of automation with a PLC-based control system.

Reverse Osmosis  (RO) Plant 

Nano Filteration (NF) Plant 

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